Art should be for everyone.

It is urgent that we democratize art, getting it out on the streets more and taking it into places where the most varied people mingle: art should be for everyone.

Also, a new world can be created if we work together and collaborate: we believe it is urgent to democratize artist’s exposure, merging the famous with the up-and-coming, including the newcomers. Remember: we were all rookies once.


A temporary art market, one unique opportunity.

50 artworks from national artists available at never before seen prices.

Limited editions of 100 A2 reproductions and 150 A3 reproductions numbered and signed by the artists.

A postcards’ collection where all funds raised will be donated to a charity.

merc’art: the first suspended gallery in Lisbon was up in the air from the 17th of November to the 18th of December, 2016.

It is fully available online for all world’s citizens: merc’art is democr’art.