What is merc'art?

merc’art is a temporary art market that brings together the works of well-known, less known and unknown artists at an unbeatable prices: 15€ for A3 reproduction prints and 25€ for A2 reproduction prints. The originals are available from 250€, postcards are 1€ and money from the latter will be donated to a charity.

All pieces of art will be printed in limited editions. Every year a new collection of artists will be launched and will be available until the following year.

How long is merc’art on for?

merc’art ‘in the flesh’ is open for a month from the 17th of November to the 18th of December. The online version will keep on running after that.

A new set of artists, original works and prints will be launched by year’s end both online and offline.

Will merc’art only happen in Lisbon?

For now, yes. However, our purpose is to spread the ‘democr’art word’ everywhere in the planet; there is no reason to stop this event taking place in other cities in Portugal or around the world, as long as the core concept stays the same.

What does merc’art = democr’art actually mean?

Basically, we mean that, merc’art represents the democratization of art in 3 ways: 1/ Removing the boundaries of galleries and museums so that it reaches the places where everyone goes; 2/ Priceless visibility is given to all the artists, even the newcomers; 3/ Making art accessible to everyone of all ages and from all walks of life.

Can I buy the prints online?

Yes, but availability is subject to stock.

How do I purchase online?

It´s pretty simple: browse the collection and pick the piece you want to buy. Choose the size or sizes you prefer and finalize the process by filling in your data. You will then receive an email telling you if we have the print or prints you chose in stock. Within 24 hours you will get a final answer and we will provide you with the payment methods available.

What payment methods are available for merc’art online?

There are 2 alternatives: either a direct bank transfer or via paypal.

I don´t live in Lisbon. Can you send abroad?

We can! Whether you live in Lisbon, somewhere else in the country or abroad, you can get our prints delivered. You just need to give us your address and we will add up the price of the print/prints, shipping costs, transport tube and respective protection for original artworks if needed.